Annual Meeting

Important Notice Regarding the Availability of Proxy Materials for the Shareholder Meeting
to be held on June 14, 2022

Proxy Overview

2022 Annual Meeting Information


10:00 a.m. Central Time on Tuesday, June 14, 2022
How to Participate

THIS NOTICE IS NOT A FORM FOR VOTING. If you are a shareholder, please log in to with your control number to vote your shares.

Meeting Agenda

Thank you for being a Tidewater shareholder!  No matter how large or how small your holdings may be, your vote is important to us, and we encourage you to vote your shares in accordance with the Board’s recommendations.  The information here is only an overview, and you can learn more before you vote by reading our Proxy Statement and Annual Report.


Voting Items Board's Voting Recommendation Primary Reasons for Recommendation
Item 1 – Election of Directors FOR (each nominee) See page 14 of our
 Proxy Statement
Item 2 – “Say on Pay” Vote-an advisory vote to approve executive compensation FOR See page 34 of our
Proxy Statement
Item 3 – Ratification of the appointment of PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP as the company’s independent auditors FOR See page 55 of our
Proxy Statement